Welcome to my blog am Vonette, my friends call me Von. The Vonette Way is about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

Growing up my mom introduced me into fashion. She always dressed my sister and I in fashionable clothes and that's how I acquired my fashion sense. I have a horde of fashion magazines that keep me up to date on the current trends. My love for fashion runs deep and that is why I decided to start a blog to share my style and knowledge on fashion with beautiful people around the world.

Besides fashion, I love my dog Damian so much and my hobbies are reading novels, swimming, listening to good music and being outdoors.

Take this exciting journey with me and please don't forget to  follow me on my social media pages: 

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                                                             Much Love


  1. Amazing...amazing...I like your blog Vonette! And thats a pretty dope name.. Can tell you also have a unique sense of fashion

  2. Loving the blog Von, really proud of you girl.


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